Armchair and Armchair Bed
102 х 106 х 81 см
The frame is crafted from solid wood. The seat and cushion are filled with ST3040 foam. The basic configuration dimensions are 102 x 106 x 81 cm. Marseille is available in two alternatives: a lounge armchair and an armchair bed based on the dolphin sleeper mechanism. The model is equipped with a safety board and 20 cm elbow rests. The custom element width includes 10 and 15 cm variations. Opt for decoration details on Marseille's arms, or replace straight designs with wedge-shaped style to convert a traditional refine silhouette into a contemporary luxe design. Among other complementary options, Marseille features topstitch, tufting or upholstery piping.
Armchair bed featuring a dolphin mechanism
Feet Colour: Sahara 1/ Chocolate 2/ Wenge 3/ Metal
Elbow Rest Width: 10/ 15/ 20 cm
Safety board. Decorated elbow rests. Topstitch. Piping. Tufting
Complementary Options
Straight 15 cm
Basic Configuration
Elbow Rest
Elbow Rest Decor
Safety Board
Storage Unit
Our factory produces custom-made soft furniture. The outlined textile collection features a vast spectrum of colours and textures. The cost of the finished item is calculated after the customer narrows down the upholstery fabrics and complementary options. Once the necessary details are definite, we sign the agreement, outlining the sofa's description, features, warranties and delivery. At this stage, the customer submits a deposit payment. We accept cash, card transactions and electronic payments, as well as a 10-month deferred payment purchase with no extra costs.
The production time takes 21 working days. The timeframe may be decreased or extended depending on the textile availability. However, we always inform our customers of possible schedule changes.

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We inspire you to get acquainted with the colour palettes and the textiles collection in the "Materials" section.
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