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You have finally found what you've been looking for — soft furniture that meets the outstanding
requirements and quality anticipation one advances when choosing a sofa.
Our company's philosophy relies on the equilibrium of superior products vs reasonable pricing. We are committed
to our work, respect and cherish our customers for choosing our sofa beds and us. We align with the criteria
of comfort, refined quality and latest trends.
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It was initially essential for us to shift expectations and provide the customers with a superior product. We elaborately select the materials and use only refined, certified components of proved worth. Our success relies on advanced technologies, high-class equipment and experienced artisans.
Combo of polyurethane memory foam granules and hollow fibre
Module with additional stitches
Vertical hollcon
Polyurethane foam ST3040/HR
Felted cloth
Clip Strips
Serpentine spring
Laminated pine timber
Laminated chipboard storage unit
OKE profile
Components of the Di-Van Sofas
All our materials are eco-friendly and non-toxic. The frame is made from solid wood — a material consisting of genuine timber with no snubs, cavities, pitch pockets and other formations.
Frame durability is ensured due to particular junctions constructed via interlocking machines. Some manufacturers neglect this technology and execute the elements manually, making them less durable and liable to defects during the service.
The drying process appears to be the most essential to influence the quality and useful life of the product. Conifer and softwood must preserve a specific moisture rate (6-12%). We monitor each element with humidity sensors.
We use clip strips to ensure equal spacing between the serpentine spring elements. This construction proves to be more durable and guarantees an extension bed effect with even load distribution.
Rubber-textile bands support spring elements in a criss-cross manner. This mechanism ensures the efficiency of the entire spring unit.
Prior to foam spreading, we cover springs with the thermo-felted cloth to protect the foamed polyurethane and neutralise unpleasant spring feeling. In addition, this shield strategy elongates usability.
To reinforce the orthopaedic effect, we use a specific type of foamed polyurethane, the equivalent of the Italian technologies standard.
Our fabric uses solid sheets of polyurethane foam ST prominent for resilience, low remaining strain, outstanding levels of durability, superior elasticity and restorability.
Quality has always been quintessential for us. We follow this philosophy
and monitor each model's process throughout all stages.
Distinctiveness is of top priority for our brand. We thoroughly select favourable textiles and order only those samples that comply with the requirements of our brand..
We are creating a private collection of fabrics imported from foreign textile manufacturers. This collection will be exclusively unveiled soon, proving to have no competitors in the quality-price segment.
In the course of our creative work, we have determined that Turkish weaving appears to be the most reputable. These techniques take advantage in footwear and fur construction, mountain climbing outfit, seatbelt and airbag manufacturing.
We use premium quality hollow fibre to complement our seat cushions. Hollow fibre feature-wise outperforms such genuine alternatives like premium quality cotton and wool.
Our professionals pick over materials and components, relying on premium quality parameters and performance standards to guarantee the products extended useful life.
Our professionals ensure additional stitches to omit clumping in Di-Van seat cushions. We monitor the level of saturation relying on the pillow's weight and apply a sticker on the slipcover.
To even the cushions that support your back, we use hollcon — airy, bounce material resistant to humidity and clumping.
Upholstery is the wrapping stage in a sofa creation. Our product is favourable and preserves esthetics from any angle — clinches and fixing materials are hidden, while the technical fabric is utilised in covered sections.
Enforced transformation mechanisms are powder coated and corrosion-resistant. We have exclusively modified the elements to increase durability during everyday usage. Most components are welded seam-free and are executed using advanced laser cutting technologies. When installed, the features are hidden inside the framing and prevent linen jam.

Our manufacture's top priority and the iron rule rely on using certified materials of proved worth and premium quality.

High rates of expansion and manufacturing development allow our fabric to create new career and open job opportunities. We inspire you to join the Di-Van team and send your application CV to our email info@di-van.com.