Our manufacture refines each day. So do our partners. Presently Di-Van products are featured in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Murmansk, Pskov, Stavropol, Samara, Tula. We constantly work on our development, offering world-class soft furniture that meets the highest standard. Our brand is outer-directed, and we genuinely believe that our partners derive only positive experience.
Reasons to Enter the Dealership
Own Production
Due to focused specialisation, we have polished our craft, while smart policy and hard work give benefits annually. Own production allows us to maintain flexibility in taking decisions and be proud of and confident in the outcome.
Following the schedule, we manufacture the product by the negotiated time. It is one of the top priorities for our brand. We handle various order volumes and supply the end items on time.
The sustainable quality policy allows satisfying the customers' demands and coordinating the process within the company and with the partners.
Loyalty Program
Collaboration with suppliers ensures quality control and favourable terms. This approach makes it possible to establish a campaign price for the dealers.
Business Support
We understand the difficulties of starting from scratch and support our partners: we offer floor models discounts, textile layouts and payment by instalments.
We offer licensed dealership contracts and warrant all services.
Our dealers obtain access to technical assistance and guidance during the continuance of the partnership. Our professionals will handle any situation.
We hold professional training programmes to get our partners familiar with possible subtleties of the business. The dealers get essential knowledge on launching the selling space, peculiarities of interaction with customers and our product advantages.
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Advantages of Becoming Our Partners
Exclusive Dealer Contract
We license only one company per region to feature Di-Van products. The chosen company is not limited to launching multiple brand shop-in-shop spaces.
Floor Model Discounts
Our partners obtain a discount of 10% of the factory gate price for all floor models under the condition the brand shop-in-shop space is equipped as described in the contract.
Shop-in-Shop Setting
Di-Van is a licensed trademark with a distinctive signature style. Each partner is equipped with recommendations on setting the trading stands and selling spaces, a list of favour models and a scheme of items arrangement (if requested).
Flexible Payment Policy
The funds are transacted after the display models are approved prior to the production process. The payment equals 50% of the total price. The rest of the amount is paid directly before the shipping.
Textile Layout
To avoid claims for replacement, we offer our new dealers a textile layout containing the approved upholstery materials. The samples are sent with the first shipping.
Information Help and Support
We feature all our dealers in the "Find a Store" section on our official website and social media. Each order made via the website is instantly sent to the dealer's email.
Promotional Materials and Production Documents
We offer branded order forms, catalogues, brochures, tag layouts. Also, the dealers are granted the right to create personalised layouts. Customers are welcome to visit the Di-Van website to place an order and learn the necessary info about current collections and sofa sizes.
How to Become Our Partner?
If you want to become our partner, place a "Dealership" request via the email:
info@di-van.com. Please submit the following data:
Name and contact phone;
Your company's description and collaboration perspectives;
Invoice details;
Tax registration certificate;
The outlet address, its capacity and neighbouring shops.
Or you are welcome to place the dealership request by completing the form below.
*By placing a request, you agree to proceed with your data and accept the privacy policy.