Anti-Vandal Upholstery

A brand new sofa might be exposed to various vulnerabilities: spilt coffee, children’s drawings, claws of our divine pets. To minimise these hazardous risks, textile manufacturers outline anti-vandal upholstery materials. Our dealer relations manager larks that a metal bench is the best anti-claws protection. Anyhow, let’s find out what fabrics are advantageous for families with a pet.  

Anti-vandal textile is expected to feature the following characteristics:

  • Tight weave ensuring the absence of loose stitches;
  • The top layer should exclude thread weave; 
  • Hard use index, outstanding durability properties and a high level of abrasion resistance;
  • High colourfastness level; 
  • Effortless cleaning characteristics.

Flocked upholstery celebrates all these properties. This universal unwoven textile possesses a dense pile structure produced by static charge technologies. The material features natural cotton, ensuring the fabric remains breathable, soft and pleasant to the touch. Animal-friendly flocked upholstery is available in a broad spectrum of colours: gentle pastel to bright and saturated. 

Flocked upholstery service is unchallenging: hoovering once in a while is what it takes. If you accidentally splash some liquids, use a sponge or a wipe to remove the blot before it dries out. In case the stain dries, and the piles stick together, do not scrape the damaged part by any means. Use some soap water instead to soak the blot and nicely rub it centre-wards. Avoid exposing the material to high-factor chemical agents. Once you succeed to remove the unfavourable stain, let the material dry. If required, you are empowered to use a soft brush to even the dry pile.     

Some anti-vandal textile manufacturers feature Scotchgard, micro velour and suede imitation. However, our factory endorses only flocked upholstery. 

Our Di-Van specialists are ready to assist you in finding the perfect upholstery match if you opt for hard-wearing soft furniture. Anti-vandal textile will safeguard you from concerns about the sofa’s presentable look for many years.