7 Trends Featured in 2019

  • Shades of Pink
The gentle-pink nude is the nominee to crown the colour spectrum featured in interiors. It complements neutral shades and bold focal points: navy blue, green and lemon-yellow. 

  • Cosy Beds
Following designer Joy Moyer’s opinion, the beds are going to resemble “cocoons”. Every day brings us so much stress and news that people feel hungry for shelteredness while having rest. The bedhead and the footboard will likely feature soft upholstery alluring to touch it.     

  • Geometry
Designer Michel Smith Boyd contemplates that interiors will be flooded with geometry aesthetic in 2019. The trends are constantly shifting from ethnic motives to massive asymmetrical atelene prints, proportions and forms.  

  • Natural Materials    
The relevance of natural materials will develop and gain popularity in interior design. The combination of inhomogeneous textures will lift a level: wood will be complemented by quartz rock and Carrara marble elements, ceramic installations will feature concrete and metal segments.

  • Round Shape Elements
2019 inspires us to opt for soft furniture featuring curvy, smooth shapes of the 70s: flowing lines are back in style! In the end, these elements are not about the retro aesthetic: curvy shapes tone down the strict lines and add to the interior’s sophistication.     

  • Metal
2019 is going to employ metal elements in fresh creative ways. Gold, brass, black bronze and other metal materials will expand the usable range and leap from mere ornament details to stand-alone traceried decors and objects d’art. 

  • Personality
Custom products will conquer people’s hearts and minds. Joy Cho, the founder and creative manager of the Oh Joy brand, says: “The customers desire to know that the objects creating the interior of their houses celebrate some history behind them. We are interested in the crafting process and the master’s personality”. 

Based on the research of elledecoration.ru