Trends of Upcoming 2018

Trends of Upcoming 2018

December verges to a close, and it is high time to discuss the trends of the upcoming year: colour and materials that will reign in 2018. 

The burst of vivid colours is the front-runner. A rich palette enhances brightness, lifelikeness and emerges imagination. Ultraviolets, rich reds, deep blues, inspiring greens, as well as pastel ranges of pale pinks, gentle blues and grey-blue tones make the hottest new trend. Neutral blacks and metallic coating contrast the entire hurricane of the spectrum.

Another intriguing feature of 2018-2019 is creating interiors that combine pine green, mustard, royal blue and copper red tones to backcast the styles conveying the atmosphere of the early XXth century Viennese salons.   

Turning back to the Baroque tendencies, we remark on luxe materials like velvet, shiny metal countertops and dark wood details. Golden and copper elements displace bronze designs and enhance the magnificence of the home interiors.