How to Take Care of Chenille Upholstery

Chenille enjoys popularity among customers for its usability. The material is wear-resistant, serviceable, pill-resistant and possesses powerful colourfastness properties. However, follow some valuable tips to extend the upholstery useful life and trade dress: 

  • Dry-hoovering treatment is beneficial for chenille textiles. Also, you can opt for wiping the dust with a soft furniture brush.
  • If you have accidentally spilt water or other liquids, remove the substance instantly to avoid stretching and soaking.
  • Use a dry or slightly humid towel to remove insignificant filth or stains. Avoid stirring movements so as not to damage the texture. 
  • Remove the stains with a brush, a towel or a sponge following the arrangement of fibres. 
  • To avoid streaks and splotches, ensure you move centre-wards when eliminating the stains. 
  • Never apply spot removers directly on the upholstery. Also, keep decor designs free from cleaning emulsions. 
  • Stick to one type of spot remover substance and never use several agents together.
  • Do not stir the cleaning agents to avoid texture decay. 
  • If your soft chenille furniture has been exposed to severe stains like organic and other biofluids, natural and synthetic dyes, we recommend searching for professional help and service.