Underside Revolution

GOODSIDE plastic slats appear to be an innovation in the furniture market. These plastic slats are constructed of reinforced glass fibre. Goodside elements ensure moulding, while the damped structure supports the back in any body position. The entire technology proves to be orthopaedic

Goodside is a patented solution produced by OKE Kunststofftechnik, Germany. Goodside slats enter the Best of the Best Top 12 Designs, winning the Interzum Award at the world's largest supplier Cologne Biennial fair for the furniture industry. The German Design Council awarded the system the German Design Award 2016. 

Goodside plastic slats appear to be an outstanding alternative to wooden slats and springs. Goodside products surpass wooden slats in durability and usability and enhance resilience and useful life. Goodside solutions are not liable to temperature changes, moisture and extensive loads.

Our factory uses Goodside products to craft Borneo and Trento sofas. Borneo models are equipped with the Goodside Fusion system and feature the elements in the seat and cushions. This solution enhances the resilience and the necessary firmness of upholstery sections. At that, goodside guarantees the best support for the body. 

На данный момент наша фабрика использует латы Goodside в диванах Борнео и Тренто. В диване Борнео используется инновационная система под названием Goodside Fusion. Это интеграция ламелей Goodside в сиденья и подушки дивана. Данная технология обеспечивает необходимую жесткость конструкции. В то же время латы достаточно гибкие и замечательно отыгрывают нагрузку на сиденье при посадке.


The Bottom Line:

Goodside plastic slats feature the following advantages: 

  • Reinforced glass-fibre core
  • 25-year warranty
  • Hygienic and moisture-resistant properties
  • Outstanding resilience characteristics enhance comfort.
  • Long-lasting elasticity and optimal body support
  • Perfectly ergonomic