How to Take Care of Velvet Upholstery

Get some valuable tips on how you can extend the useful life of velvet upholstery furniture. 
To guarantee your new soft furniture remains elegant and nailing as long as possible, you need to follow some service requirements and take care of the items. 

Read some inherent requirements to keep velvet upholstery secure and goodly:

  • Keep the soft furniture away from heaters, hot water stoves, radiators and other space heaters. Ensure the sofa or armchair featuring velvet upholstery is placed at least 40 cm aside from the elements mentioned above. 

  • Avoid direct sun rays. Although some velvet materials feature outstanding durability properties, direct sun rays affect the colour intensity and lead to fading. Consequently, the furniture is deprived of the original trade dress.   

  • Remove unfavourable stains instantly. Dried filth can irrecoverably damage the appearance. A wet sponge and delicate centre-wards movements can save the sofa’s life. However, avoid stirring, plucking and scraping manipulations.

  • Aggressive chemical agents like bleachers, abrasive substances and oil-derivative emulsions aggravate the situation and run the upholstery into the ground. 

  • If you need to remove a marker or ink stain, we encourage you to use spirit dilution (one part of spirit in 10 parts of water) and smoothly wipe the upholstery. To ensure the emulsion is safe for the textile, use some amount against a barely visible section. 

  • Get the pressed pile back in shape by steaming off the area. 

  • Velvet is entirely liable to dust. We highly recommend wiping the sofa with a dry bath pouf or hoovering the soft furniture from time to time.