Polyurethane Foam Crisps

Пенополиуретановые чипсы

Polyurethane Foam Crisps

Our factory Di-Van used to fill the back cushions only with hollowfibre. Hollowfibre is a new generation non-woven material containing synthetic hollow filaments. The only flaw of this substance is its relatively high price. 
However, our brand managed to outline another drawback of hollowfibre materials. We have noticed that back cushions get out of shape as time passes, despite preventive measures like additional sections inside the slipcovers. 

We decided to run several trials and replace the standard hollowfibre with polyurethane foam crisps and fibre fluff mix. Notably, the “crisps” do not relate to foam chips used in construction and development. The latter materials are produced from cheap stiff polyurethane foam elements like slabs and lagging.

Premium polyurethane foam crisps used in furniture production possess diverse firmness-resilience qualities and are differently coloured. Pink elements relate to PU foam ST3040, while white pieces are memory foam components.

Our factory uses these advanced technologies mixing PU foam strips, including memory foam, with fibre fluff stuffing. This is exactly what makes the difference of kind and grants everlasting resilience to a cushion.   

Fibre fluff appears to be a synthetic analogue of natural down material. Tactically the stuffing resembles goose down, but fibre fluff surpasses natural filling in fineness. This unique non-woven material features polyester fibre, hollow in structure, twisted and treated with silicon emulsion. The entire procedure makes the fibres smooth. It eliminates snarling and guarantees the stuffing retains unique properties. The produced substance possesses resilience and softness and resembles hollow fibre. The durability and density allow using the crisps even as the insulating course. 


  • Eco-friendly – the production does not involve hazardous and toxic substances, making PU foam crisps 100 per cent secure for the health. 
  • Hypoallergenic – the material excludes incitants of allergy, does not store dust and represents a hostile environment for dust mites, which waste products cause severe allergic reactions. Therefore, the PU foam crisps and fibre fluff mix is the perfect solution for people suffering from allergies or bronchial asthma.  
  • Extended useful life and durability – the fibre’s unique structure retains the properties, isn’t liable to deterioration and possesses extended useful life. 
  • Antibacterial – the material represents a hostile environment to various microorganisms, including mould and fungus. 
  • Water-resistant – the fibres are treated with silicone which makes them repellent. The elements dry out quickly and retain heat-insulating properties. 
  • Breathable – fibre fluff qualifies as breathable material that maintains excellent ventilation. 
  • Resilience – a spiral structure of each fibre ensures a high resilience level and shape. Whether you twist, stretch or contract the cushion, the material tends to recover its original shapes. It doesn’t shrink or swell.  
  • Antistatic – the material does not store static charge.
  • Outstanding physical specifications – the materials are lightweight, resilient, soft, odour-free and odour-resistant. 

The cushion service is effortless and demands two basic things: wash the stuffing from time to time and fluff up the item charging the pillow with air. These simple things extend the item’s useful life and maintain your health, as stiff, firm cushions may frustrate your well-being.


To fluff up a cushion, use your fists or palms: focus on the item’s centre, plump and even the possible combs inside the cushion. Thoroughly work with the entire perimeter and shape up the pillow. If required, flip the item and repeat the procedure. 

Long-continued use may leave traces on the cushion. Here is a valuable tip that can solve the issue: 

  • Withdraw the filling from the capsule unzipping the fastening;   
  • Distribute the entangled material on the brush;
  • Carefully comb the substance using a pet rake to eliminate the clumps.