How to Take Care of Soft Furniture: 5 Helpful Tips

How to Take Care of Soft Furniture: 5 Helpful Tips

Congratulations on buying a brand new incredible sofa bed that complements the interior perfectly! In this article, we share ideas on extending the furniture’s running characteristics and keeping the trade dress. 

  • Dust 

One should keep in mind: that basic care starts right after the purchase. Ensure you remove the dust from the item’s surfaces several times a week. We empower you to hoover soft furniture using a particular head or brush. Sometimes a moist towel and a carpet beater are better means. Cover the sofa and tap gently the same way you beat a carpet. If the moist towel gets dirty, repeat the procedure. Ensure to check hard-to-reach places like under the cushions and the seat sections. 

  • Taking Care of the Upholstery

The textile defines the way we should take care of the upholstery. Thus, it is enough to wipe leather and treat the material with a humidifier once in a while. To maintain jacquard upholstery, use soap solution or wipe the item with a moist towel. Flocked fabrics are treated with neutral spirit-free and solvent-free agents. We recommend asking about basic care peculiarities from the upholstery manufacturers.  

  • Slipcovers

If you desire to extend the sofa’s running characteristics and trend dress, make use of removable covers. You can effortlessly wash or clean them with special brushes. In addition, you can always choose slipcovers that match the interior and suit the sofa.  

  • Tricky Stains

If you have a child, you must be aware of tricky stains. Thus, young parents can rarely avoid specific biofluids on soft furniture. And in most cases, it’s the odour that concerns. You are likely to remove the stains if you opt for wet towel wipes. However, to get rid of the odour, you should find professional cleaning solutions. If needed, repeat the procedure several times. 

  • Frame 

Furniture frames, just like soft sections, require thorough service. Wipe wooden and metal elements with a clean, dry towel or sponge. Sometimes you can opt for cleansers. If you have a steam-generator unit, use it once in a while to eliminate most microorganisms and allergic responses. Still, ensure the frame is free from chemical stains as the steam makes them indelible.    

And still, the master recommendation on taking care of soft furniture is the way you use it. If you are lucky to purchase a sofa from a dependable manufacturer, like Di-Van, and you handle the item with care, we guarantee the product will delight you for decades.