How to Take Care of Hopsack Upholstery

Choosing between hopsack and velour, many customers opt for the latter. And though hopsack sofas possess outstanding appearance, ill-mannered pets can, unfortunately, damage the textile. However, you need not worry that the hopsack service requires much effort. 

If you have noticed a stain on the surface of your hopsack furniture, hoovering is often the solution. Dry cleaning is an effective means of removing most types of stains. 

Hopsack upholstery doesn’t require ironing and washing. 

If dry cleaning is useless, we empower you to remove the stain by applying some soap water with a sponge. As a rule, it is enough to slightly stir the blot to get rid of the unfavourable traces. Once the stain is eliminated, dry the spot with a towel.   

10 per cent spirit emulsion will remove lipstick and ink stains. Don’t forget to wipe the engaged areas with warm water.  

Fat and wet blots are easily removed by applying a towel with significant absorbing parameters. 

As you see, cleaning hopsack upholstery is not very challenging. All you need to know is the character of the stain.

If you decide to wash the slipcovers, keep in mind not to twist the items. Hopsack cannot stand wringing and tumble dry manipulations. You can easily maintain the original looks by hoovering and wiping the upholstery with some soap water from time to time. 

That’s all that it takes to care for a hopsack upholstery at home! Indeed you can manage it with no effort!