Upholstery Velour
The reason customers opt for velour lies beyond the fact that velvety textures are trendy nowadays. Velour upholstery possesses a high level of durability: it’s liable to offhand dry cleaning and maintains the trade dress for an extended period. The velvety fibres create a moving impression of play of colours, while soft furniture featuring this material wraps you in comfort and delight. 

Velour materials used for upholstery possess a dense texture resembling velvet but star a longer pile layer. A non-expert can hardly distinguish between velour, velvet or other pile cloth. However, these textiles share one common feature – a delightful velvety surface gleaming in the light. This effect is ensured by special weaving techniques when the fibres are fixed and fluffed to create a pile layer. 

Upholstery velour possesses a medium length of tufts, positioning itself between smooth textiles and fur imitation materials. The pile fibre quality influences upholstery properties and the cost.   

Upholstery Velour Pros:  

  • Velour sofas and armchairs boast eye-catching looks and are delightful to touch.
  • The textile is relatively insensitive to dust and pets’ fur — hoover the unfavourable details to clean the upholstery. 
  • All types of velour textiles are hypoallergenic and eco-friendly.
  • Velour of premium quality contains an impressive amount of cotton. 
  • The material is treated with a particular toxin-free colour emulsion. 
  • Velour upholstery possesses a high level of resilience and is facile to feature picking techniques. The material is not liable to stretching and remains wearproof for a long time. 

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