Colour Theory: Arcadia

Trendy Arcadia (16-5533 Pantone) represents the greens in 2018. The undertones express saturated and juicy sea green, pollen twinkling, tropical passion and jungle freshness. Arcadia shades expand the space outstandingly; therefore, you are inspired to use them in small-size rooms. 

Indeed, the colour is associated with the sea wave and the purity of the ocean. It relaxes but doesn’t drown us in idleness. Arcadia relates to the recreation moment prior to the new performance and gives an energy charge to awaken the will and move forward. Sea green is the colour of people who favour travelling, aspire to investigate the essence of life, strive to discover new horizons. Arcadia is a cooler, cleaner take on the green. Its tinge of blue undertone resembles Little Boy Blue that we discovered last week.   

Neutral Palettes
Arcadia matches whites, sand colours, ice cream tones, khaki and black greys. Complementary tones will emphasise the dominant colour’s elegance and represent Arcadia in a clean, sophisticated manner.  

Arcadia and Greens
Arcadia obtains more saturation when highlighted by the brighter or darker green shades. Warm, clean greens endow Arcadia with radiance and cheer. 

Arcadia and Blues
A combination of blue and emerald tones create a deep mystical atmosphere. 

Arcadia and Yellows
Life-assuring, light-hearted combinations of emeralds and yellows.  

Arcadia and Orange
Sustainable exotic combinations of Arcadia emerald and orange tones: tangerine, ginger, copper-gold tones, and ginger-yellows.  

Arcadia and Reds
Bold, dramatic combinations of emerald and reds: classic red, wine-red, ruby, carmine, red rose. Arcadia and pink, magenta or crimson shades overwhelm with striking, fresh, vibrating impressions.  

Arcadia and Violet
Violets and Arcadia shades create mixed emotions contributing to fineness, mystery, femininity and surprise. If you feel these colours, consider pink-purples, violets, amethyst, grape or wine-red tones combined with emerald Arcadia moods. 

Arcadia and Brown Tones
Browns are classic, just like emerald shades. Brown palettes construct the basis by creating sufficient, confident combinations.