Properties of a Top-Notch Sofa

Di-Van Factory does not want to hold itself out as an elite furniture manufactory. Often elite brands feature unreasonably high prices, but the technologies, materials and final products do not outstand our soft furniture. Our goal is to offer top-notch products at affordable prices for everyone who opts for quality and comfort. Below we inspire you to read about the most valuable properties of upmarket sofas that any customer should consider. 

  • Design
Creators develop sofas and armchairs following the interior trends, stylistic peculiarities, ergonomics and usability. Many designers try to create versatile models that match any interior or style. 

  • Materials
Technical peculiarities prove that crafting sofa frames made from solid wood is a more complicated process compared to the production of metal or plywood constructions. That is the sad reason some manufacturers use cheap materials. 

Sofa beds, used daily, must contain a spring box that ensures durability, comfort and orthopaedic effect vital for healthy sleep. Apart from a high-quality spring box, the construction should feature layers of high-density polyurethane foam. The material must be durable and possess an extended useful life. 

The upholstery should be crafted from abrasion-resistant textile. However, you can only learn about this characteristic as time passes. If the material is evenly distributed, pleasant to the touch, featuring no wrinkles and bagginess, and the manufacturer guarantees durability and outstanding use characteristics, there’s likely nothing to worry about.  

  • Transformation Mechanisms
All components must be accurately executed and perform silently and perfectly. Customers shouldn’t experience too much effort when using the sleeper mechanism. Therefore, always unfold and fold the sofa before you complete the deal and pay money. Still, new tools sometimes need a couple of days to start running. 

  • Details
Even seams, neatly executed surfaces and back parts of the sofa imply quality. Level list, perfect stitching and thread tension appear to be the most common requirements to premium-class soft furniture. Perfectly smooth laminated elements, hidden mechanical fabric, the reverse side of the back panel coated with premium upholstery create a luxe-segment product. 

  • Warranty
A dependable manufacturer confident of the item’s quality will offer a warranty and service to guard their customer against possible malfunctions caused by operating troubles.