Hopsack Upholstery

Hopsack is an outstandingly durable textile with a specific chequy pattern crafted by a double (triple) knit. The material enjoys popularity among designers and manufacturers engaged in various fields.    

Many centuries ago, artisans of Ancient Russia used cattail to weave fabric canvases. These natural materials were applied to create sacks, floorcloth and other household accessories. Modern technologies have refined the manufacturing process. Today hopsack textile contains not only cotton, linen, silk and wool. The upholstery often features acryl and polyester fibre, adding to the material’s wearing qualities.   

  • Possesses wrinkle-resistance ensured by resilience properties;
  • Hopsack isn’t liable to stretching and distortion and retains its original form;
  • The material is extremely fast – it is hardly possible to damage or tear it;
  • An attractive look is guaranteed by a wide variety of colours and textures;
  • Aesthetic;
  • Effortless in service.

  • End products are liable to snags;
  • The manufacturers have to increase the footage because the crumpling character of sharing lines demands to keep generous seams.   

Hopsack upholstery is a stylish solution to complement Provence, Scandinavian, country and eco-style interiors, adding comfort and a cosy atmosphere to your home.  

The textile is abrasion-resistant and can favour office interiors and places of public resort. The designers inspire us to use hopsack as a stand-alone material or combined with leather, cotton and flock upholstery. The latter creates an eye-catching combination, most notably when the furniture is decorated with wooden or metal elements.

Hopsack is not demanding in service. Follow these tips to maintain your furniture in its original shape: 

  • Clean hopsack upholstery using a hoover or a furniture brush;
  • If the stain is intense, we empower you to apply soap water with a sponge and remove the blot with a piece of cloth;
  • Avoid using severe chemical agents and bleachers;
  • Avoid placing the furniture near heaters;
  • Keep away from direct sunlight to guard colour; 
  • If the stain cannot be eliminated at home, opt for a dry cleaner – our products feature usable slipcovers;
  • If you wash hopsack slipcovers at home, do not expose the material to hot water.